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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2022 R.O.C.


2020 Edition

Honorable Mention

The Power of the Eastern Color No.4
  • The Power of the Eastern Color No.4
  • Thailand | Warisara APISAMPINWONG
  • Regarding the way of life of Chinese-Thai descent people combined with symbolic forms of art and culture expressed in the traditional celebration, as well as colors and architectural designs in the Chinese Buddhist place, they reflect the cultural identity of Thai-Chinese. Cultural heritages inherited from ancestors to my generation and the overlapping of culture is the point of inspiration in the beginning of creativity caused by the impression. The charm of the combination of traditions, culture, and the co-living circumstance of the two ethnic groups result in a society overlap with the diversity of two cultures combined together. As we obviously see the exquisite skill of Chinese porcelain manufacturing since the past, the Chinese porcelain consists of 5 types of ancient Chinese colors, including white, yellow, black, red and green (indigo), attracting Thai people to see the classic.
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