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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2022 R.O.C.


2020 Edition

Merit Prize

  • Relationship
  • India | Jintu Mohan KALITA
  • Don't pore over my work if you believe that life is a plain and strength freeway. For it is not. We are all born travelers, damned to go on without knowing the destination. The course of the tiring miles of never-ending roads is full of sudden U-turnsand dangerous twists.
    The country dotted with rich meadows and verdurous fields along with the quiet, still and harmonious appearing ducolic life casts a spell on us. But rarely do we slow down. Sometimes we despise our compulsive mobility. But do we ever stop? And where do we eventually reach? We keep circling over a self-made mirage like a kite which rounds atop the carrion.
    Our chase down the will-o-the wispy Lane often makes us change our stripes. Having lost the angelic pursuits, the journey from a lesser human to a cannibalistic demon becomes the most traversed pathway.
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