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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2022 R.O.C.



Final Selection-Artwork Submission Timeline and Procedures (Outside the R.O.C.)


For this edition of the biennial, we will arrange for your artwork to be picked up by your local DHL center to ensure successful delivery, and the organizer will be responsible for the postage cost.

Submissions will be accepted from April 26, 2022 to May 31, 2022. Works arriving later than May 31 or not meeting the biennial regulations will not be accepted. Please take the delivery time into consideration and prepare for your work to be collected as early as possible.

Please refer to the following guidelines to get your artwork ready to be picked up by the DHL service:

First of all, make sure that your physical print meets the biennial regulations:
(1) Each submitted work must not be larger than 150cm in either length or width in paper size (not image size), and no smaller than 40cm in either length or width. 
(2) A signature MUST be made either on the printed side or the back of the artwork, along with the print edition and the year of creation.

Secondly, for your artwork to be successfully picked up: 
(1) The submitted work must NOT BE FRAMED.
(2) If your artwork consists of multiple pieces, please pack them in one parcel.
(3) Please print and sign the deposition form, licensing agreement and donation agreement, and put them in the same parcel with the original work.
(4) Please attach the entry tag to the back of the artwork and the postal delivery tag to the package. Upon logging in, the tags can be downloaded from the biennial website:
(5) All works sent to the museum should be labelled “No Commercial Value” on the package, to avoid any taxes that may arise. 
(6) Your print should be packed either in a thick cardboard poster tube or cardboard wrap to make sure it arrives safely. 

Finally, please print out the invoice and the bill of landing (B/L) sent to you by the Oriental Freight Services Co., Ltd., and wait to be contacted by your local DHL center: 
(1) The information you filled in the application form will be used to create invoice and bill of landing (B/L) with DHL, and a copy will be sent to you by the Oriental Freight Services Co., Ltd. on 26th April, with whom the museum collaborates to arrange artwork delivery.
(2) Please print out a copy of the invoice and the bill of landing (B/L), and fill in the correct weight of your parcel on the bill of landing (B/L) (as shown in the attached image).
* The unit price of 20 USD is prefilled on the invoice, to ensure no taxes will arise from sending the parcel. Please do not change the unit price on the invoice.
(3) Please wait to be contacted by your local DHL center to arrange pick-up time, and provide DHL staff with the above documents and your parcel.

(1) If your address or contacts have changed in the past months, please update the organizer with the latest information ASAP. The entrant shall be responsible for any fees that may arise from modifying address after the pick-up time is arranged. 
(2) After your artwork is received by the museum. We will unpack, examine and safely store it, before updating the “Progress Status” to “Artwork Received”. This may take up to 10 working days due to the amount of work involved in the process. 
(3) Please go the “Registration Status” page under the “Application” tab on our website to understand the current progress: 

If you have any concerns regarding artwork delivery, please do not hesitate to drop us an email (print20@art.ntmofa.gov.tw) or contact us via phone calls (+886-4-2372-3552 ext. 718 or 702).

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