“2024 Taiwan International Print Biennial” Awarded List

“2024 Taiwan International Print Biennial” is advised by the Ministry of Culture and organized by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA). Held consecutively over four decades without any interruption, its mission is to promote print art, facilitate international cultural exchange, and foster the pluralistic development of print art. This year marks the 21st edition of the event as one of the longest-standing print biennials in the world.

The Awarded List of this edition is as following:

No. Prize Registration No. Name Title of Work Nationality
1 Gold Prize 21-0376 安河内裕也 Hiroya YASUKOCHI After that'22 - prisoner 9 Japan
2 Silver Prize 21-0756 Patipon SUPANPONG thig and traces in memory 11 Thailand
3 Bronze Prize 21-0065 武藤正悟 Shogo MUTO 結界 Japan
4 Special Jury Prize 21-0037 kamruzzaman KAMRUZZAMAN survivour Bengal
5 Special Jury Prize 21-0255 Krzysztof TOMALSKI Inertia State Poland
6 Merit Prize 21-0244 Tomasz WINIARSKI Perpetuum mobile: CXII Poland
7 Merit Prize 21-0266 Wieslaw HALADAJ Invisible path Poland
8 Merit Prize 21-0299 玉分昭光 Akimitsu TAMAWAKE Fire and Flowers Japan
9 Merit Prize 21-0747 Fernando CARBALLA VILLANUEVA Metaverse Spain
10 Merit Prize 21-0804 陳憶誠 Yi-Cheng CHEN 連續勞動 1-3② Continuous work 1-3 ② Taiwan
11 Honorable Mention 21-0109 田島直樹 Naoki TAJIMA 飛行計画Ⅲ Japan
12 Honorable Mention 21-0283 Yael BROTMAN Things We Carry 1 Canada
13 Honorable Mention 21-0432 Hernandez Castillo VÍCTOR MANUEL ARANDO HUELLAS Mexico
14 Honorable Mention 21-0542 Jolanta RUDZKA HABISIAK TOWARDS INFINITY Poland
15 Honorable Mention 21-0563 椿一朗 Ichirow TSUBAKI Time Drops Japan

All the Awarded and selected works will be showcased at NTMoFA from July 27th to October 13th, 2024.