Open Call Application Questions

1.When is the registration period?

Online registration will take place from December 25, 2023 to February 5, 2024, 24:00 Taipei time (GMT+08:00).


2. What prints are accepted?

Each submitted work must not be larger than 150cm in either length or width in paper size (not image size), and no smaller than 40cm in either length or width. The work must not be more than 20cm thick. 
A signature must be made either on the printed side or the back of the artwork, noting the print edition and year of creation. The signature must be clear and discernable.


3. Can I submit 1 work consisted of several pieces?

Yes you can. Please fill in the number of pieces you artwork is consisted of, when you register for the open call. Combined prints, in total, must not exceed this size range: no larger than 150cm in either length or width in paper size (not image size), and no smaller than 40cm in either length or width. The work must not be more than 20cm thick. 
Once shortlisted for the Final Selection, please attach illustrations on how to assemble your artwork for our reference.


4. What techniques are accepted?

All entries must be original prints on paper, including monotypes and digital prints.
Prints on materials other than paper are not considered for this biennial.


5. Do the works need to be created recently?

The work must be completed in or after 2021, wholly original and have not been exhibited in previous editions of the “2024 Taiwan International Print Biennial“.


6. Do you accept collaborative works?

Each entrant is allowed to submit one piece of work only. Co-authored or collaborative works will not be accepted.


7. Do I have to send out original works to register for the biennial?

Only after passing the Preliminary Selection, should the originals be sent to the biennial office. Submission timeline and procedures for the Final Selection, please check the Regulations for the “2024 Taiwan International Print Biennial”. 


8. Do I need to frame the work before sending?

The artwork should NOT be framed before shipping. The museum will frame the artwork for you.

General Questions

1. I am from abroad, can I still apply to this Open Call?

Worldwide artists are eligible to take part.


2. Is there a registration fee ?

No registration fees are required. 


3. What is the biennial’s screening procedures?

There are 2 rounds of selections. Preliminary Selection is based on electronic copies of all entries, which comply with the submission rules. The original works of entries, which pass the preliminary selection, will be examined in final selection.


4. Will I be notified if my artwork is selected?

All entrants who pass the preliminary screening will be informed by email. All prize winners will be informed by post. Due to a large number of participants, we apologize for not being able to notify those who did not pass the preliminary selection.

Delivering Original Works

1. How do I pack my artwork before shipping?

The original work should be sent either in a thick cardboard poster tube or cardboard wrap to make sure it arrives safe. International submissions shall be clearly labeled “No Commercial Value” on the package, and the entrant shall be responsible for any taxes that may arise. You can pack multiple pieces in the same poster tube.


2. What happens if my work is awarded?

All award-winning works will become the collection of the organizer.

The organizer has ownership of the works and will issue certificates of collection. Based on the museum’s authorization regulations for collected works, the participants agree to authorize the organizer to make a range of uses of their award-winning works, including but not limited to reproduction, adaptation, loan, editing, distribution, public display, public transmission, and public broadcasting, and may further grant a third party to utilize these works (including authorization for derivative product creation).


3. Who pays for transportation and insurance fees of the original work?

Domestic and overseas submissions should be sent by post. The participants should cover all costs, insurance, and taxes incurred from postal deliveries.  The museum will cover the return postage fee, further tax or other incurred fee will not be included.


4. How do I know if my artwork has been received by the museum?

Should you wish to confirm delivery status of your artwork, please sign in to the official website and go to “Final Selection Submission & Delivery Status Inquiry” page under “Application” tab. It usually take some time for us to unbox, examine, document and ensure the artworks are stored under good condition, before we can update “Delivery Status” column to “Arrived”. Due to large amount of works we receive each year, kindly understand the above-mentioned process might take some time. 


5. When should my artwork arrive at the museum for entering the Final Selection?

For all works passing the preliminary selection, submissions of the originals will be accepted from March 21, 2024 to April 25, 2024. Ineligible works or works arriving later than April 25, 2024 will not be accepted, regardless of postmarks. Please take into consideration of delivery time and submit the original works as early as possible before the deadline.


6. What documents should I prepare for shipping my artwork?

All entrants who pass the Preliminary Selection, please attach the entry tag to the back of the artwork and the postal delivery tag on the delivery package. The tags can be downloaded at: https://printbiennial.ntmofa.gov.tw/. Please visit the "Online Registration>> Final Selection Submission& Delivery Status Inquiry" to download the documents.
Send the application materials, including the signed deposition form and the licensing agreement to the following address: No. 2, Sec. 1, Wu-Chuan W. Road, Taichung City, Taiwan 403414 / 2024 Taiwan International Print Biennial Office, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.  In-person deliveries are not accepted.


7. When will my artwork be returned to me?

All of the selected artworks (except the awarded artworks) will be returned when the exhibition is over.; The entries will be returned once, where the organizer will be responsible for the cost of shipping. The organizer will not be responsible for further cost if the package is not received. Further tax or other incurred fee will not be included as well.

The organizer plans to send back all such entries by December 31, 2024 by post. The actual time of delivery will depend upon the postal procedures of each country where the entrant is based.

General Application Form Questions  

1. How do I know if my application was submitted successfully?

When the upload is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to the entrant’s email account.  Please check the spam folder if you still haven’t receive the confirmation email.


2. What if I don’t have any record of “Exhibitions and Awards”?

Please don’t worry about it, just fill in a dash (-) in the field.


3. How do I fill in the “Size “columns?

Please fill in integers only. Symbols and characters are not accepted.


4. How do I fill in the "Piece" field?

Please fill in the exact number of pieces if your artwork is consisted of more than 1 piece. 
If not, simply fill in“1/1”or “A.P.” in the field.