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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2022 R.O.C.


2020 Edition

Merit Prize

Attentiveness from Afar
  • Attentiveness from Afar
  • Taiwan | WANG Ting-Shiuan
  • Plants climb all over the subject; the right half is bursting with life, while only intertwining vines remain on the left. Some leaves still struggle to grow where the two halves meet; two states-birth and death-are amalgamated. Although a static image is presented visually, ceaselessly repetition and circulation persist behind. This is very much like our life, where relationships between people are always in a dynamic state; it is impossible for one to remain in one place or interact with only a fixed group of people throughout one's entire life; changes become inevitable with the slightest collisions. We are free to come and go; perhaps by chance we stay, or contrarily we are forced to leave for some reason--what remains after we have left? Everyone may have different answers, but everyone is left with memories. Some have vivid memories, some refuse to remember and bury them deep inside. I shape these memories into a space that is magnificent yet eerie, tranquil yet deterring.
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