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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

Honorable Mention

Title of Work:At some point


LU Sha-Sha

  • Name of Entrant:LU Sha-Sha
  • Title of Work:At some point
  • Nationality:China
  • Artist Statement:
    It is unclear where industrial development will lead us. As the fading of time leaves cold traces on the copper print, the copper plate material and industrial theme determine the overall texture and rational atmosphere of the work. The mechanical hand and physical lizard within the image deliberately form a comparison between the objective and subjective, forming consciousness and thought processes. This work voices objection regarding the isolations between individuals from a cultural perspective and hopes to awaken the warmth between people and within society. Restraint, suppression, and coldness are inevitable phenomena of society, and each living entity is like a bouncing musical note, plunging into the eyes of the viewer in an attempt to revive the softness and tolerance of the heart.
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