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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

Special Jury Prize

Title of Work:Daughter of Jephthah (quote)



  • Name of Entrant:Paweł TAJER
  • Title of Work:Daughter of Jephthah (quote)
  • Nationality:Poland
  • Artist Statement:
    I wanted to dismantle to pieces human nature, find out what drives us to do what we do. What is the source of our feelings, where desires that makes us commit certain deeds are born. Why people attitude and instincts lead humans to constant repetition if aftermath remains always the same. Time passes and civilization develops creating whole new circumstances that we live in today but incomprehensibly we choose same paths. In my opinion best way to observe why people act in that manner and how their motives are set is to observe them when they are pushed to the limit by extreme situations-this makes them most vulnerable and because of that truthful. To describe model metaphor describing such situations I used most important source of human storiesthe Bible. Scene that I show is inspired by history of Jepthah character from Book of Judges who swears to God that if he will be spared from unavoidable defeat he will sacrifice first one to be welcoming him after his return. The first to meet him after his miraculous victory is his daughter. Despite he probably wishes himself taking back his word even if that would cost him his own life things can not be undone and the oath has to be fulfilled.
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