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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

Special Jury Prize

Title of Work:X (doll) 2



  • Name of Entrant:WATANABE Kanako
  • Title of Work:X (doll) 2
  • Nationality:Japan
  • Artist Statement:
    Each of my works is produced by printing 20 or 30 times on both the surface and reverse side of washi paper. The process is very much like compressing something little by little and keeping a record of the result. The tonal gradation produced by multiple layering of prints gives a mysterious sense of depth. Seeing this, I can't help but imagine a time long before I was born, and the joy that my forebears must have felt in the fragrance of flowers or being touched by the wind. I can also imagine that familiar places and old friends are hidden there within.
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