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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

Silver Medal Award

Title of Work:The New World Order



  • Name of Entrant:DANIEC TOMASZ
  • Title of Work:The New World Order
  • Nationality:POLAND
  • Artist Statement:
    By selecting a specific language, which is a set of graphic workshop means, an artist does it being convinced that this will allow for as complete form of expression as possible.
    However, it almost never happens that the final result of the artist’s work corresponds in full to the vision of his intentions when he started to work on it. The path a graphic artist resembles a labyrinth of numerous crossed paths out of which he has to take the accurate one.
    But, is there only one, or are there many equivalent options?
    Originally, the concept of “The New World Order” was to construct graphics consisting of modules that can be freely juxtaposed and whose order can be changed. At the same time, each of the modules was supposed to constitute a complete whole, a picture able to function totally on its own.
    Implementation of such a simple, not to say “poor,” concept required the utilization of as simple means as possible. Also, composition of particular matrixes, and thus the whole, had to be very simple. That is why, the principle of axial symmetry, distorted only insignificantly, governs all.
    Imposing of uniform composition rules on all modules caused that the work on graphics began to resemble a construction of some ordered model of a reality section.
    At the same time, it became clear that the more ordered, simple and clear the principles inside the model, the more phenomena will stop fitting it. Therefore, putting an order in the world inside any model is accompanied by making more and more chaos outside its limits.
    It was when the idea was conceived so that the graphics in process becomes an attempt at building a model of absolutely everything, the model of the world and of all principles governing it. However, such an attempt was sentenced to total failure in advance. It was an attempt at achieving a goal impossible to achieve. Unexpectedly to the author, the work assumed a self-ironic and absurd character.

    This is obviously only one of possible interpretations. My intention was that my work be interpreted in as many different ways as possible.
    It is, for instance, possible to interpret “The New World Order” as a direct link to the dramatic events that have taken and are taking place in the world in the new millennium.
    But what may such a modest creation as black and white graphics be in the face of civilization threats?
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