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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.


  • OBJECTIVE The aim of this juried biennial exhibition is to promote the art of printmaking and to foster international cultural exchange with the participation of talented artists around the world. Through the competition and the exhibition, this event shall serve as a key platform for artistic exchange and cultural collaboration, and help contribute to the diversity and vitality of print and print-related art.
    Supervisor: Ministry of Culture
    Organizer: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
    • September 2019 Biennial prospectus released
    • 3 December 2019 Submission opens
    • 5 February 2020 Submission closes (all entries must be postmarked by 5 Feb.)
    • 9 April 2020 Results of preliminary selection announced
    • 6 May 2020 Prize winners announced
    • July 2020 Opening ceremony & Awards presentation
    • July – September 2020 Exhibition period
    • July 2020 Return of undisplayed works
    • By 30 November 2020 Return of displayed works
    ※Please refer to any notices given by the organizer to see if there is a change to this timetable. The latest timetable updates will also be found on the official websites of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C
    • No registration fees are required. Worldwide artists are eligible to take part. All entries must be original prints on paper. The work must be completed in or after 2017, wholly original and have not been entered the previous International Biennial Print Exhibit ROC competitions.
    • All works submitted must be original pieces of art that meet the “indirect” and “multiple” characteristics of print, either based on transfer printing or print making. (All printmaking techniques, including monotypes and digital prints, are accepted.)
    • Each submitted work must not be larger than 150cm in either length or width in size (not size of print), and not smaller than 40cm in either legnth or width in size. The work must not be more than 20cm thick. Combined prints, in total, must not exceed this size range, too.
    • Each entrant is allowed to submit one piece of work only. Co-authored works will not be accepted.
    • A signature must be made either on the printed side or the back of the artwork, noting the print edition and year of creation. The signature must be clear and discernable, and the artwork must NOT be framed.
    • The works that do not meet these requirements will not be reviewed.
    • Online registration will start on 3 December 2019 and stay open until 24:00 Taipei time (GMT+08:00), 5 February 2020. Please visit the International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C website at http://printbiennial.ntmofa.gov.tw/ (or to register, then print out the artwork tag, deposition form, licensing agreement, and donation agreement
    • Submission timeline and procedures: Submission is accepted from 3 December 2019 to 5 February 2020. The actual arrival date will be determined according to the postmark on the application package. When online registration is complete, attach the entry tag to the back of the artwork and the postal delivery tag to the package. Send the application materials, including the signed deposition form, licensing agreement and donation agreement, to the “Office of the International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts” located at No. 2, Sec. 1, Wu-Chuan W. Rd., Taichung 40359, Taiwan. In-person deliveries are not accepted. The entrant may check the delivery status on the International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C website later on.
    • Notes for online registration: Please follow the given directions on the registration webpage to provide the necessary information, including past experiences, awards and exhibitions, and details of the work such as an artist statement. Upload an image revealing the full of the original work. The image must be in JPG file format and no larger than 2MB. When the upload is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to the entrant’s email account. If the letter is not found in the inbox, please check if it has been classified as a spam. All errors may be undone online while registration is still open. Registration cancelation is also possible during this period of time.
    • NO application materials may be accepted if they arrive later than 5 March 2020. Please allow ample time for postal delivery. Incomplete application materials, applications failing to go through the entire procedures, late applications, or ineligible applications, are not accepted. If you encounter any technical difficulties pertaining to the online registration system, please contact the organizer responsible for this event at +886-4-2372-3552 ext. 703 or 702, or email: print19@art.ntmofa.gov.tw。
    • The submitted work must not be framed, and should be sent either in a thick cardboard poster tube or cardboard wrap to make sure it arrives safe. All entrants should send their original works by post only. Please be noted that the entrant is responsible for the cost of postage, insurance and taxes.
  • EXHIBITION All selected and awarded works are scheduled to be displayed at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts from July to September 2020.
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