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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

Awarded List - International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts has completed an official investigation into the case of copyright infringement by one of the prize-winning entries for the “International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.” The jury committee has also consulted the attorney when adopting the following resolutions:
1. Given the fact that the prize-winning entry Life infringes on the copyright of others by using another artist’s image without permission, therefore, the entry has been disqualified from winning the prize under Article 8, Section 2 of the regulations for the “International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2020 R.O.C.”
2. The jury committee concluded that the prize-winners are reordered as follows:

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No. Prizes Registration Number Artist Title of Work Nationality
1 Gold Prize 19-0479 小花 春夫 Dan OBANA Charge into the Unknown Japan
2 Silver Prize 19-0107 Henryk Krolikowski The Boat Poland
3 Bronze Prize 19-0271 李迪權 LEE Tek Khean 煙霧中 Malaysia
4 Special Jury Prize 19-0436 玉分昭光 Akimitsu TAMAWAKE Remember Me Japan 
5 Special Jury Prize 19-0509 Chisanuphol PRESANVORAKITKOOL Ozymandias Thailand
6 Merit Prize 19-0009 Orlando MARTINEZ VESGA Project for an Architecture of Air (Stage 2) Colombia
7 Merit Prize 19-0245 Amnat KONGWAREE Parasitism Thailand
8 Merit Prize 19-0401 金炫辰 KIM Hyun-Jin 存在-W#3  Existence-W#3 Taiwan
9 Merit Prize 19-1094 王亭喧 WANG Ting-Shiuan 遠遠關注著  Taiwan
10 Merit Prize 19-1156 Jintu Mohan KALITA Relationship India
11 Honorable Mention 19-0019 Rafael GIL Topography of the Wall II Argentina
12 Honorable Mention 19-0369 Dimitrije PECI Ć A View from the Window Serbia
13 Honorable Mention 19-0640 戴飴霏 TAI Yi-Fei 密集靈魂 Concentrated Spirit Taiwan
14 Honorable Mention 19-0851 Warisara APISAMPINWONG The Power of the Eastern Color No.4 Thailand 
15 Honorable Mention 19-1077 今泉奏 So IMAIZUMI I Can't Wait for Chance With Crouching Start Japan 
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