Honorable Mention

Artist's Statement:
My recent work continues to explore themes of time/space and the nature of representation as shared experience. Through the media of etching and mezzotint, these pieces attempt to place the viewer into an active relationship with the image. The subject is presented in a realistic manner but often observed form an oblique aerial angle, forcing the viewer into an unusual role, not unlike the omniscient narrator in a work of the viewer. The viewer is privy to the world below, yet curiously removed form it. As a cinematic device, this abstract angle allows for an overview of the scene as well as an introduction to the characters within the environment. This is intended to suggest a narrative which ultimately requires the viewers’ participation.
My work in intaglio printmaking began thirty years ago when I found that the medium had great potential for tone, surface, and the kinds of imagery I was naturally drawn to. Since then, the medium has continually challenged my ways of working and thinking about art making. This ongoing dialogue with the medium has kept the relationship lively and productive.