Special Technical Award

Artist's Statement:
My art is intuitive and emotional. My art should speak by itself not my words.
The art must be the manifestation of freedom. This is an individual story following an individual interpretation. I want a viewer to feel my art, bringing him a good field for positive thinking and being. I want it to guide the thoughts, to ease him thinking.
Man should be surrounded with objects which speak not shout, which do not drown thoughts but inspire them. Such art I appreciate and such art I want to do. "Art should be a good field for thinking. My intuitional drawings are for your inspiration! My creation for your creation. Speaking not too loud and not too silent. It is a living image."
I am so happy for having received this Award! This is the first, such an important international recognition of my work. It gives me power to continue and brings self-confidence that someone appreciates and is interested in my work. I make linocuts and woodcuts and this is what I really love doing. While cutting a linoleum I am working on my own story or idea within my little world. Now the time has come to share it with a big audience and my secret stories will go to the world! I hope you will enjoy it!