Merit Prize

I have processed old portraits using dust and blowing them up in scale, and printed them in the old photogravure technique. Dust will always exemplify clarity - in its absence, but what is covered (or hidden), makes for a new discovery. This reminds me of an old Greek concept of truth, “alitheia”, a word which meaning is: if we reveal something about “the thing”, we obscure it at the same time. The dust in these works obscures our perception, and it challenges our language to meet something as amorphous as this. On various levels we find traces of what we all are looking for: a face! In lack of recognition, we project our own structures onto these works, visually, but also thematically. Thematically these prints deal with weathering, and the perceptual - which is ambiguous, almost not integrated. The grayscale, or the achromatic, is in Rorschach-literature known for awakening dysphoric emotions.