Silver Prize

I am making intaglio print for about 25 years in Japan. My style of working had changed a few times. Recent works are based on my life. They are made from my several experiences, failure, deep thinking, and human relation. I am living every day. I am thinking about something all the time. I often think too hard, so I am getting nervous and confused. Everybody doesn't like these negative feelings. Neither do I. But everybody certainly have that. I may be thinking about tiny things too much. I know that, but I can't escape from them. If I should express something, it is that kind of my own feeling. Because that is the only thing I can believe. It is certain that there are sensitive feelings in the bottom of my heart. Their images are almost vague, dark, and fantastic ones. Although sometimes they make many holes into my body, and cold wind are blowing through there with leaves. I like the drawing of human beings. Actually I am interested in only myself. I recognize that my every work is the same as “Self-Portrait”.